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A FREE Wasm focused online workshop Aug 6, 2020 - 

Wasm in the Cloud

Featuring Microsoft Krustlet & Capital One waSCC

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    Join us on August 6th, 2020 for a free half day hands on virtual workshop featuring our open source community projects.

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Curious about the possibilities of WebAssembly in the Cloud and Kubernetes? Join developers from the Krustlet and waSCC community for a free half-day workshop exploring where WebAssembly in the Cloud is headed. We’ll spend some time introducing Krustlet (the Kubernetes Kubelet in Rust for running WASM) and waSCC (WebAssembly Secure Capabilities Connector), then jump into a hands-on tutorial on Assembly Mechs, and finally match wits in an interactive online game -

Welcome to the WasmDome!

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Our free online workshop is will be held on Aug 6, 2020 from 1:00 - 5:15 PM ET. New? No problem - pre workshop materials are available for consumption at your leisure.

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  • Free Online Virtual Conference

Workshop Components

Our interactive workshop is designed to help you explore and experience WebAssembly in the Cloud on Krustlet with waSCC. We'll build up to an interactive game where you can launch your mech to compete in an online arena.

New to WASM, Krustlet or waSCC? Enjoy our free pre workshop videos - a Rust crash course, background information and more!

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Prerecorded Content

Session Session Type Presenter
Getting Started with Rust Prerecorded Video Ryan Levick
Getting Started with Krustlet Prerecorded Video Matt Fisher
Krustlet Contributor Guide User Guide -
Introduction to waSCC: WebAssembly Secure Capability Connector Overview Prerecorded Video Kevin Hoffman
waSCC Github Source -
Assembly Mechs: Beyond WasmDome - Offline Mech Tutorial Prerecorded Video Kevin Hoffman
Assembly Mechs: Beyond WasmDome -- Online Lattice Tutorial Prerecorded Video Kevin Hoffman
WasmDome SDK Source -

Aug 6: Live, Online Workshop Agenda

Start End Duration Format Session Speaker
1:00 PM ET 1:10 PM ET 10 Min General
Welcome + Agenda
Liam Randall
1:10 PM ET 1:20 PM ET 10 Min General
Why WASM is Right
for the Cloud
Liam Randall &
Ralph Squillace
1:20 PM ET 2:50 PM ET 90 Min General
Krustlet Overview
& Demo
Matt Fisher &
Taylor Thomas
2:50 PM ET 3:00 PM ET 10 Min Break --
3:00 PM ET 3:45 PM ET 45 Min General
waSCC Overview
& Demo
Kevin Hoffman
3:45 PM ET 4:15 PM ET 30 Min Workshop Assembly Mech Tutorial
& Live Build
Kevin Hoffman
4:15 PM ET 5:15 PM ET 60 Min Workshop Assembly Mechs,
Beyond wasmDome
Kevin Hoffman

Open Source Projects

Krustlet: a Kubernetes-rust-kubelet.

Krustlet: Kubernetes Kubelet in Rust for running WASM.

Krustlet 0.1.0 1024x512

waSCC: WebAssembly Secure Capabilities Connector

A dynamic, elastically scalable WebAssembly host runtime for securely connecting actors and capability providers

Assembly mechs  beyond wasmdome (1)

Featured Contributors

The WebAssembly community is growing quickly. This workshop is brought to you by folks from the passionate teams at Microsoft and Capital One Bank.